An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom

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An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom is the first serial novel from writer MeiLin Miranda, debuting in late February 2008. It is in the "story-in-story" form familiar from "The 1001 Arabian Nights," "The Decameron," "The Canterbury Tales," and countless other books over the centuries. Grab a box of Cheez-its, click on the link, and enjoy!

Premise: A naive young prince named Temmin is educated in the ruling family of Tremont's secret, or "intimate," history dating back a thousand years by a figure who alleges to have been a witness to the whole thing, The Teacher. The vehicle for the tales is The Book, a book covered in Tremontine red leather that is completely blank unless someone is telling a story from it. As the Teacher tells the story, the book at first forms words, then pictures, and then the listener is immersed in the book and sees it more like a film.

To date there are three completed draft books of the novel, The Tale of Two Kingdoms, The Queen Who Ruled by Herself and The Last Royal Mistress. Two proposed future stories are known by the working titles The Great Exhibition and The Story of the Arrow.


See the List of Characters. Canonical portraits for the main characters are illustrated by Alice Fox.




Nijan Empire

Northern Wastes

Leutefloss (now part of Tremont)

Corland (now part of Tremont)

Inchar (now part of Tremont)

The Far Isles (now part of Sairland)

Gods and Goddesses


Pagg the Father

Eddin the Wise One

Farr the Warrior

Nerr the Lover


Amma the Mother

Venna the Sister

Harla the Bloody One

Neya the Beloved

Lesser Gods and Goddessess

Dawn, daughter of Farr and Eddin

Twilight, son of Eddin and Venna

Temmarkur, son of Farr and a mortal woman

Myths and Stories

Eddin's Courtships

Ennia's Descent

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