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MeiLin Miranda is the pen name of A Lady from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom is her first work of original fiction. She spent a few months previous to beginning it writing fan fiction, most of which can be found gathered at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind.

MeiLin is in her late 40s and took to writing fiction only after years of botched attempts that left her so disgusted she gave up for 20 or more years. She had a successful career as a nonfiction writer and journalist for 30 years, and began writing fiction in late 2007.

She is very happily married to Sir and has two children, usually referred to as No1 Daughter and No2 Daughter. She keeps her tenuous anonymity entirely to give her mother plausible deniability that she has a child who writes graphic anal sex scenes. She is not blackmailable on this point, but prefers to spare her mom for as long as she can.

MeiLin is infamous for her love of BPAL perfume. Her favorite is Death Cap, mostly for the rather gratifying if alarming effect it has on Sir.

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