Housewife Drag

One way to psych yourself up for the day

Flylady says "Get dressed to shoes--lace-up shoes." It's her way of getting you to psych up for the day, to be ready for whatever comes.

My way is a little different. I need my "housewife drag."

For me, that consists of an apron. I need an apron. I have to have an apron. I cannot FUNCTION without an apron.

Housewife Drag!My favorite apron is an Indian cotton one I've had for years. It's light, it has huge pockets, it hides stains, it's cheerful and bright. I need about a dozen more of them, since the rest of my aprons are (really not that) white (anymore) canvas and weigh a ton comparatively.

When I have my apron on, I feel as if I can tackle almost anything. It's my armor against the outrageous spills and splatters of my daily round, and when I wear it, I feel like a real homemaker. Yes, it's a form of dress-up, and I don't care because it works for me.

Gloves or no gloves? I am of the "no gloves" persuasion unless I'm dealing with washing soda. I always get water inside them and squishy fingers does not give me that mistress-of-the-house feeling I'm going for.

As for shoes, I can't always lace up my shoes, so I rely on slip-ons that support my feet and that I can run in. I try not to go around barefoot as that is an invitation to dropping a cast-iron dutch oven on my toes.

I have always wanted to figure out how the '40s housewives tied their hair up in bandannas and looked so cute. I have tried and tried and can't get it to work, so I settle for a ponytail. Occasionally I put my hair up in a snood if it's hot, but I don't look like a cute '40s housewife, I look like a lunch lady, and it spoils the effect.

And I want very much to figure out some form of chatelaine. I would keep a small pair of scissors on it, or perhaps a mini multi-tool. I would keep my thread snipping pendant on it, a little notepad, a pen, my iPod...

Maybe I don't need a chatelaine. Maybe I need more pockets in my apron. Did cute little '40s housewives have fanny packs?

Lynn Siprelle totally needs an apron, you guys.