Ten Ways to Keep Love Alive in a Busy Schedule

You can't be too busy for your partner if you want to stay partnered

If life is what happens when you're not looking, maybe you need to get your eyesight checked. Here are some tips to keep romance in your sights and keep your love alive even while coping with the busiest of schedules. Pick up a few good habits, and make the most of the time you have together.

1. Don't leave home without it!
Kiss your partner before one of you leaves home. Add a hug while you're at it! Two minutes that start your day off right. And, don't forget to kiss when one of you come home!

2. Keep that date!
If you don't have a regular date night every week, create one. Don't lose your identity as a couple.

3. Conserve energy.
Shower together and save water. Plus, this is even better than looking in a mirror for keeping those unwanted pounds off.

4. Give each other a break.
When you come home, give each other 30 minutes to unwind quietly and leave work behind.

5. Return to the table.
Eat dinner at the table without TV as a distraction. Play soft music, and really enjoy dinner together.

6. Don't let chores get in the way.
Try to break up chores so you don't end up trying to do everything on the weekend.

7. Wanna do lunch?
Have lunch together once a week. Especially if you have children, this will provide time together without interuptions. On days you can't lunch together, use this time to get some of your errands done.

8. Prepare the night before.
Do you start your day stressed out trying to find clothes that are pressed, getting your family's gear together, etc? Lay out as much as you can the night before so you can actually enjoy breakfast with your partner and family.

9. Happy Hour.
Meet your partner for happy hour instead of driving home in the middle of rush hour. Enjoy this 'mini' date.

10. Don't be a slave to the kitchen.
Try eating your heavier, more traditional meal at lunch, and eat light at dinner. Not only will this be healthier for you, but it will save you time cooking and cleaning, so you can spend more time doing things you both enjoy. (You can also try Once a Month Cooking)

Remember... the key is regular, loving contact with your partner. A loving relationship will help keep you positive for all the other areas of your life.

Alanna Webb says she's always loved romance even though her degree is in chemical engineering. She is the proprietress of LoveStories.com. This article is © 1999-2014 Alanna Webb and is used by permission.