Super Simple Tea Cosy Pattern Generator

It's super, it's simple, and it'll keep your teapot warm for hours
Here it is, the Super Simple Tea Cosy! I've knit a few versions; this pattern is both easy to memorize, and easy to customize. The one above was knitted in handspun longwool; the one to the side was knitted in colors. The color patterning is NOT included in the pattern, but adding it is simple. All I did was knit odd stitches in one color, even stitches in another all the way across the row. On the next row, I knitted color A stitches with color B and vice versa. Every four rows I changed one of the colors for a new one. You don't have to do color work; you can just knit solid. But I will say that carrying two colors across the row like this makes a thicker, warmer cosy. Use wool or wool blend yarn if at all possible.

How big around is your teapot at its widest in whole inches?
(Please round UP to the nearest whole inch.)