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What to do when you want to help, but physically can't

Now and then, life lands us in a really low energy place. Could be you're postpartum after a challenging delivery, or it could be, like me, that a sudden illness lands us in the hospital. It takes time to recuperate.

During that time, we simply don't have the reserves of energy that we're used to having. More physically active volunteer works, (like cleanup days) are, for the time, right out. Can't stand up long enough to make brownies for the bake sale? If you can sit at your computer again for a few minutes, here's something you can do.

Go to

By a simple click on the "donate food" button, you can donate maize or rice to The UN World Food Programme. This is paid for by advertising sponsors. (Number of sponsors varies from day to day--apparently they rotate the roster.) Each person visiting the site can donate once a day.

Now, I admit, I've seen a lot of Web hoaxes, and my first concern was, Is this site for real? So I checked it out at's Urban Legend site.

Guess what? It's real! The Hunger Site is confirmed legitimate--it really is donating lots of food and helping reduce hunger. How cool! I was very happy to find that article verifying that The Hunger Site really does donate 3 cents per click per sponsor to the UN World Food Programme. (There's also a link to the UN's confirmation page at The Hunger Site.) The confirmation study that did is very encouraging. Finally, a good hearted venture that's not a hoax! Hooray!

Please note: The Hunger Site requests that we all refrain from spamming their site URL to people we don't know, or who may not wish to get unsolicited e-mail. Spam is bad nettiquette, regardless of how good this cause is. I urge us all to respect their request. As an alternative, point your friends (not random strangers), with their permission, to this article, and from here they can go see for themselves. Again, please, do NOT "forward to five people," do NOT "forward to everyone you know," as those are spam patterns. DO use good nettiquette. Thank you.

Myself, I go to The Hunger Site on a daily basis now. It's part of my morning routine, and I like to think that each day, somewhere, somebody who would have not had it is getting breakfast because The Hunger Site gives me this chance to participate.

We really are a global village. And even when I'm feeling low energy, doing this helps me feel good.\

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